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Michaud ducks decision on immigration issue

Recently, a new crisis with the potential to threaten national security has arisen. This time, it’s not in Israel, Syria, Ukraine, or Iraq, but in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The recent flood of illegal immigrants across our border with Mexico has a destabilizing effect in this country, on our economy as well as […]

Michaud intern crosses the line with crude, sexist remarks

On Tuesday, Ben Gagnon, an outspoken Michaud for Governor intern, posted on Twitter a collage of several of his past Tweets with the words “BREAKING NEWS: Sometimes I tweet things that some may find inappropriate.” The tweets were appalling, especially for a 21-year-old looking to start a career in politics.  They ran the gamut from sexist […]

Michaud embraces liberal hypocrisy on campaign finance reform

One of the most common displays of hypocrisy in American politics has landed in Maine, as Mike Michaud has joined other Democratic politicians who pretend to embrace campaign finance reform while utilizing every possible loophole in the mad dash for cash. This was particularly blatant recently, as a coalition of liberal special interests announced a […]

Maine needs bold ideas to boost economy — not Michaud’s recycled ones

Any time a campaign releases a long, colorful booklet describing a series of proposals about a topic, you know the candidate is getting serious about something. Often, these releases are read by virtually nobody and intended more for the presentation than the content. Michaud’s jobs plan is no exception. In his case, perusing the content reveals a […]