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Democrats’ disdain for businesses runs deep

So far, one of the recurring themes of 2014 has been jobs and the economy. It has been a constant refrain from candidates up and down the ticket, in both parties. As usual, it being an election year, Democrats have been talking like Republicans on the issue. They’re hoping that voters will forget that, when […]

Does Shenna Bellows want ‘War Jobs’?

One of the most basic tasks of a United States senator is to advocate for her state. While this is often in the form of arguing for federal funding, it also includes fighting for jobs. That means not only assisting private employers in dealing with federal regulations, but also advocating for Maine companies to get […]

Everything, including ‘right to work,’ should be on the table in a conversation about Maine jobs

Gov. Paul LePage has made a bold proposal with his “Open for Business” zones, expanding upon the Pine Tree Zones established under former Gov. John Baldacci. This is exactly the kind of reform Maine’s economy needs to make our economy more competitive. Making it easier to do business here is what will attract businesses, not […]

Maine needs bold ideas to boost economy — not Michaud’s recycled ones

Any time a campaign releases a long, colorful booklet describing a series of proposals about a topic, you know the candidate is getting serious about something. Often, these releases are read by virtually nobody and intended more for the presentation than the content. Michaud’s jobs plan is no exception. In his case, perusing the content reveals a […]